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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 12, 2010 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. many san bruno residents will return to their homes for the first time since thursday's tragic fire. they may smell the odor of natural gas as pg&e crews work to restore service. officials held a briefing just a short time ago giving the latest on the situation. san mateo coroner has revised the death toll back to four. six people remain missing and cadaver dogs will resume their search today in the burned out area. tomas ramon joins us with the latest. >> we're here at the shopping center about a mile away from the affected area. san bruno residents got the best news they have had in three days. the city manager connie jackson
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said many residents will be able to return home today and be able to stay in their homes today, but many others won't be so lucky. >> residents will be returning home after being homeless for three days. they will be returning home devastated by thursday's destruction and fire that destroyed 37 homes. residents will be able to get belongings and clothes that are red-tagged today. what cased the explosion and fire, blast lifted a 28 section of the pipe out of the ground creating a crater 167 feet long. while the investigation cons, they will allow residents into the area in stages. residents are being asked to gather at skyline college at noon. >> we will begin our program of bringing our residents back to their homes. beginning at noon, residents
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will be encouraged to go to skyline college, parking lot m. >> we have four bodies, three of them have been positively identified. we're working on the fourth. as far as the remains that have been located we're in the process of doing forensic tests. >> reporter: now the fire raged for hours thursday night. firefighters were hampered by a lack of water to fight the blaze. a water main was also destroyed in the blast. firefighters had to run hoses from hydrants about a thousand feet from the fire. there is a meeting being held tomorrow morning. city manager is expecting only to talk to people who won't be able to return home. the meeting will be the san bruno senior center at 155 crystal springs road. those are only for individuals
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that are not able to return to home. parking lot m people can go there so people can return to their homes and get their belongings beginning at noon. we expect an update from the city manager and perhaps the n.t.s.b. around 2:00 this afternoon. >> people will be able to check out their homes. again, here is the process for evacuees to get to their property today. skyline college parking lot m at noon today. you need to bring a photo i.d. that is beginning to be mandatory. people will be grouped by street address and shut nld small groups throughout the day. last departing at 5:00 this evening. tomorrow morning at 10:00, there will be a briefing for those residents whose homes were destroyed or red-tagged. those areas are still off-limits today due to their hazardous condition and the ongoing
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investigation. things got pretty heated, pretty emotional during a townhall meeting. residents packed st. roberts catholic church to learn about what is being done to help them. one pressed for answers asking if the locations of other pipelines can be released to the public. >> there is a security issue providing gas transmission specific. >> excuse me. this meeting will be conducted in a proper manner. if you can't hold yourself that way, we will escort you out. this city has been through enough grief. >> many displaced residents avoided the meeting. they were focusing on other tasks at the service tasks, like dealing with their insurance companies. state authorities say the section of the gas pipeline that exploded was classified as high risk base of the close proximity
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to homes. only about 7% of gas lines have that classification. john alston reports. >> right away, federal investigators noticed something curious about the 28-foot section of the pipeline that blew out of the ground thursday night. it was not solid and seamless, rather it was made up of smaller segments welded together. n.t.s.b. wants to no why. >> there is a lot of reasons to have segmented pipe like this. it's also more expensive to have segmented pipe. >> and they confirm that pg&e had manual valves on either side of the break, not automatic valves. the pipeline that exploded was installed back in 1956 when there were fewer homes here because the area is so heavily populated now, they designated the pipe high risk.
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>> that certainly increases in our estimation the need to look at that issue whether there should be automatic shut-off valves whether there is some kind of massive leak in the pipe. that is the one the issues we'll be looking at. >> the latest measurement shows the crater to be 167 feet long and 26 feet wide. pg&e says they started inspecting three major gas transmission linings in the peninsula. barbara boxer is calling on state regulators to accelerate their inspection. >> it could be corrosion, it could be faulty parts in the pipelines, it could be excavation. we need to be very clear we're trying to prevent this from ever happening again. the first way seems the me is to do the inspections in the priority order where you have populations. >> by itself natural gas has no
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odor. they confirm the gas was odorized creating that familiar natural gas smell which some residents claim they smelled in the days leading up to the catastrophe. >> if you think you smelled natural gas in the days and weeks before the explosion, investigators want to hear from you. the puc has set up a toll free number. you see it on the screen. e-mail them also with information. if you did not have time to write that down, don't worry, we have the information posted on the front page of our website at we told you there are six people reported missing, three are members of one family. amy hollyfield talked to relatives who are frustrated and hurt. >> the family has known that
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82-year-old lavon, her 50-year-old son and 17-year-old grandson will will missing since the blast happened on thursday night. >> his sister has been going to the rec center to find him. we've been calling the local hospitals but they don't have listings for lullis. >> they said everyone was accounted for which was frustrated for loved ones to here. >> do they not count. >> new information was released that finally included them. >> we are up to seven females. >> this was more than just numbers. -- fatalities. >> he updated the facebook page saying we have official word. anyone missing is presumed today. mom, greg and willie have not been found. >> at least they are looking for them and not gone in the mist.
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>> officials say they are doing their best. they say they don't know if someone is missing unless the family makes a report. they are asking everyone to come to the veterans memorial recreation center and report in. >> we have been asking people to check in. in some cases people haven't come forward until later. >> they are hoping some of the missing might show up and check in. cadaver dogs will be back at the scene. >> we have three areas yet to check. numbers could change a little bit. >> the family is assuming that the three are gone. friends say they are ready to be there for the family, including one that lost her brother, father and grandmother. >> amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." we continue to receive video from viewers of the fires. take a look at this. it was taken very close to the
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origin of the explosion and it was uploaded to u report powered by youtube. if you have video you want to share, upload at or e-mail it to us. >> still ahead, for the second time in a week, iranian authorities say they will release an imprisoned bay area woman. lait details on the pending release after being held along with two other berkeley grads for more than a year. plus three people are hospitalized after a gunman i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it. [ female announcer ] gold bond ultimate healing foot cream.
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at least two people have died after a chain reaction accident along highway 101 in san mateo earlier this morning. highway patrol expects to keep three of four lanes closed until noon today. obviously there will be delays. initial reports says there was a car going the wrong way heading northbound in the southbound lanes around 3:00 this morning. it appears that driver may have tried to turn around on the freeway when at least one vehicle hit cart. >> at least three people have
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ended up in the hospital after a shooting during a rap concert at the cow palace in daly city. the shooting took place around 1:00 this morning in a the south exhibition hall. it featured an artist called bad mc. they chased the suspect into san francisco. the man crashed his motorcycle near the caesar chavez street exit. there is no word on the condition of the victim. >> u.c. berkeley graduate student shair ra shourd could be headed home for a price. iran says it wants half a million dollars in bail to free her. this comes after tehran would be released yesterday as a gesture of good faith to mark the end of the holy month of ramadan. her attorney says she will be released within two or three days. iran wants her to return at a later date to face trial.
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the three are accused of entering the country illegally over a year ago. >> let's get a preview of the accu-weather forecast. >> we do did have a bit more fog this morning although it is sunny in san jose at this hour. here is a picture, cooler temperatures. we'll have the complete accu seven-day forecast coming up. >> and next, we'll show you how the bay area observed the anniversary of the 9 9 9 9 9 9 >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea. >> ahh. >> plus, one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show" history. next "oprah."
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. victims of the 9/11 attacks were remembered in the bay area this weekend with a cross-country motorcycle ride. ride with the 40s started as a fund-raising effort to honor the 40 heroes of flight 93. that flight went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. they left new jersey on thursday and stopped at flight 93 memorial before ending their journey in san francisco. take a look at this this organizers say it's the largest flag display west of the mississippi. veterans joined boy scouts and blue star moms. brigade also organizes welcome home events for u.s. troops
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serving overseas. >> well, it's been looking pretty good in the bay area. christine hanson is in for lisa argen. what say you? >> well, we love this september weather. i want to show you this picture, yesterday was clear sailing all across the bay area. we could see from the high definition from emeryville all across the city. there are a few more clouds out this morning and that triggers a change in the forecast. we will see that in the form of cooler temperatures. so a beautiful day ahead and some fall-like weather, temperatures dropped into the 40s. starting come in the 50s. we've got cooler air coming on shore. that is going to allow us to see our temperatures over the next couple of days -- check the
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computer for just a second -- and we will continue to see a nice weather pattern but we're also going to see the weather pattern break down just a little bit over the next couple of days as the cooler weather system comes off the pacific. forecast does call for a pretty day, yesterday we were in the 80s around the bay and we'll continue to see those readings at least well inland today especially around the delta and in the north bay. we've got some issues with the computer, but yesterday a pretty day and today a little more fog and cooler temperatures, especially along the coast. a little bit of a sea breeze this afternoon. night and morning clouds and fog typical pattern for this time of year. we'll continue not too bad but
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watching a strong system that may bring us a slight possibility of some showers. >>. >> let's check out football in the meantime, football is back. today is opening day for the bay area team, raiders and nine ergs both on the road. in college football it was stanford all over ucla. here is shu. >> good morning. we'll kick off the morning with football and they opened at the rose bowl where a cardinal has not won since 1996. i would say yes. first quarter, cardinal on the move. rolling left, finds him wide open. 16-yard. 7-0 stanford. cardinal feen taken upset eared bit but found it. had a two-point conversion and
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it's 21-0. he rips the ball out of kevin's hand and goes 21 yards for the score. one of four turnovers. 35-0 was the final. >> on to berkeley. hosting colorado. kevin riley finds shane green. a spectacular catch. he also ran for a touch. 7-0 bears. pressure all day. six sacks, late in the first. throwing with the wrong arm. never a good idea. here is a pick and returns it 41 yards. kevin riley 15 of 24, four tds including this one to freshman sensational en in the fourth. 52-7 victory. >> for the second straight week, sj state and a top 25 opponent,
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11th ranched wisconsin. the little guy can make you miss. 37-yard to pay dirt. they had no answer for big john clay. he had two scores. valiant effort despite the loss. >> after taking two straight from the padres, giants were tied for the lead in the rest. padres ended the win streak yesterday. remembering 9/11 with the white and blue hats, and former giant went down the line at right. just enough for the solo jack, his fifth of the year, 1-0 padres. we go top of the nine, giants trying to rally but he catches posey swinging. strikeout throw for a double
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play to end it. 1-0 loss. >> the a's picked up a manager for next season, a's down 2-1. mark ellis lines one and one comes home. with two out. they put a charge into this one. deep to center and over the head of a diving run. one scores to make it 3-2 and a's will hold on for the 4-3 victory. >> well everyone couldn't wait for the federer and nadal open. facing his opponent in the semis. two match points, he puts away the big forehand volley to make it 5-all. federer, unforced error, he can't believe it. me is moving on to the finals after a five set marathon
9:26 am
victory. he'll meet nadal. he e he advances to the first ever u.s. open final trying to career grand slam. >> clijsters facing her opponent to put away. match point, clijsters finishing the job with a forehand winner. she gets a straight set victory first to win back to become titles since venus williams. >> in soccer, the pride and regular season over philly. they will host a championship game on september 26 and earthquakes and dallas battle to a zero-zero tie. i'm mike shumann. we'll see you again at 5:00. >> up next, frustrated evacuees
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welcome back. we have the latest on the san bruno fire disaster. officials had held a news briefing. death toll currently stands at four after being reported as 7 last night. six people remain missing. cadaver dogs are planning to return to the charred area to search for evidence of additional victims. a short time ago residents learned they can begin the process of returning to their homes today. they will need to go to skyline college to check in with officials. san bruno police suggest they bring a photo i.d. but if you
9:30 am
don't have one you'll still be able to go back to the neighborhood. they are trying to determine if bones found in the area are human remains and if so, identify the victim or victims. >> we have four bodies, three of them have been positively identified. we're working on the fourth. as far as of the remains that have been located we're in the process of doing tests. >> n.t.s.b. will continue to examine the gas main that exploded on thursday. they surveyed a section of the pipe that landed several hundred feet away from the location from the explosion. >> highway patrol expects to keep all of the lanes through san mateo closed after two people died in an early morning accident. drivers reported seeing someone driving the wrong way in the southbound lanes near third avenue just before 3:00 this morning. it appears that driver may have tried to turn around on the
9:31 am
freeway just before another vehicle hit the car. one lane remains open in each direction. chp suggests 280 as an alternate route. >> a medical examiner has positively identified the body of 35 yrlsz frederick sales. he had been missing for two weeks. list found his body wrapped in three layers of plastic and tucked away in closet and under the stairs in the home he rented. it's the same house where ricardo sales was found beaten to death. there is a prime suspect that is connected to the deaths of two women and his girlfriend. chp officers shot him to death after a high-speed chase. daly city police have arrested two men they believe were involved in a deadly shooting nearly three months ago
9:32 am
one person died after being shot on mission street on june 21. shooting took place at the end of the line for muni's 14 mission bus. investigators suspect both of men they arrested belong to a gang called ms-13 a group tracing roots to el salvador. san francisco police believe that a gang member in the shooting death of a man and his two sons last year. did you ever notice how noisy it is on bart? san francisco chronicle surveyed the system and found the noisiest line is between west oakland and embarcadero in san francisco. here is the question. is it hazardous to your hearing? terry mcsweeney reports. >> that is what it sounded like this morning as we rode bart. it has hundred decibels.
9:33 am
you can't have a conversation at this noise level. the high pitch irritation lasted perhaps a minute, not long enough to cause hearing loss. >> johnson says the high-pitched screech is caused by the trains going over tiny ripples in the track. bart riders talked about the jackhammer comparison. >> that is a good analogy. >> jam hammers? it's really hard to hold a conversation but that is kind of extreme. i wouldn't describe it as that loud. >> i live across the street from the bart station and i find it's not so bad living to it but when i'm in it it's worse. i would be happy there would be some improvement in the sound
9:34 am
quality. >> these rail grinders purchased for $4.5 million each smooth out the ripples. it's still better than anywhere else in the nation. >> we're one of the quietest in the country. >> they don't remove all the noise but for short rides they make it hazard fry. >> and also why the transbay tube may be the worse, there are also decibels in 70s and 80s in other parts of the system. one possible remedy is earplugs. we think we have the kinks worked out and give the accu-forecast another try. >> we do have worked out. we'll have the numbers and temperatures and forecast coming up for you. let's first go outside. in downtown san francisco, the sun is breaking through.
9:35 am
we've had more cloud cover. i can tell you what we can expect around the bay today and complete forecast coming up. >> also ahead, an iconic east bay bakery reopens for busininiq
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budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. welcome back. it's 9:37 on this september 12th this is a look from high definition camera showing you emeryville. it looks really nice out there right now. we appreciate you joining us this morning. a rebirth for an oakland
9:38 am
institution that recently shut down after more than eight decades in operation. the bakery was family owned, the new bakery is now owned by a former employee. >> the name has changed. it's in the same place with many of the same employees. fifth avenue in oakland for 81 areas until it closed in july. >> i'm very happy to continue. i hope we see the people we used to see and i hope we bring in a whole bunch of new people. >> kathy has been working here for 28 years. now, they literally have a piece of the pie, they formed a coop and own a percentage of the business. for customers it's all about tradition. >> they made my wedding cake in 1937. >> the old bakery was a small
9:39 am
family owned business that was struggling for financially. the building's owner says she gave them an eviction order for unpaid rent. she decided on the coop idea. >> i knew i'm going the make this business successful. >> mark has been decorating cakes here for 39 years. >> everybody has a vested interest in making it succeed and putting forth maximum effort. >> the the quality remains the same. >> the official grand opening is october 11th. let's they can khek in on the weather with kristine hanson and this past week was lovely.
9:40 am
>> yesterday was great. people were out really early and nice and warm. a little bit cooler so we're going to see things cool off. coastside, sun is breaking through. this is the picture from high definition cam, mount tam and looking across the bay, 71 degrees. 73 degrees right now in los gatos. ifer the valley locations that has fog, san francisco is still only in the 50s. we're going to see a day much like yesterday, more sunshine this afternoon. somewhat cooler temperatures, coastside is fog and low cloud cover is lingering just a little bit more than yesterday. 57 in menlo park. 67 in antioch. not much wind in the delta but we're starting to see the sea breeze that will pick up and be a little bit stronger this
9:41 am
afternoon as a result of the change in the storm track. to the north of us, fairly quiet this will bring us clouds late tuesday and then this is the pattern change that we're going to see over the next few days. that will set up off the coast and bring in cooler readings. very typical, night and morning low clouds and fog but below normal temperatures after bouncing up to where we should be yesterday. sunny and just a few degrees cooler. still nice and warm inland. 70s and 80s. a little bit breezy this afternoon. fog returns to the area overnight tonight, we did have some area parents, some fog and somewhat cooler throughout the week. as the system sets up off the california coastline, a good possibility north of san francisco for showers. forecast as the fog backs off and temperatures rise a couple of degrees cooler in the south
9:42 am
bay. 82 in san jose. 80 in milpitas. 84 in cupertino. along the coast, 60 pacifica, 68 degrees in san mateo. yesterday we were in the mid-70s in downtown san francisco, just a bit cooler today. north bay locations, out of the reaches of the cloud cover, 86 in calistoga. north end of the napa valley, 80 degrees in ukiah. 78 in union city. 81, sunny skies, castro valley, delta, near 90 degrees. santa cruz, a little bit foggy this morning, 66. we have visibility issues earlier this morning in monterey but 68 degrees this afternoon. seven days out, a little cooler but still 70s, 80s. seasonably, mild pleasant to below normal temperatures and
9:43 am
increasing cloudiness, partly to mostly cloudy weekend and a possibility. this time of the year is model that has we use to forecast the weather start to get into a change of seasonand as the fall season approaching is all over the board are, one wet and dry. >> what about hurricane igor. >> on a northeasterly trajectory winds are sustained but probably intensify. >> thank you. >> bay area doctors and engineers are teaming up to change the future of health care for infants. they are working on the tools that cater to pediatric surgery because the medical device industry doesn't make the investments to make those tools to operate on children. here is a report in this
9:44 am
morning's assignment 7. >> the doctor is a pediatric surgeon at stanford lucille packard children's hospital. pablo garcia is an accomplished engineer in menlo park. together the two men share one goal, develop desperately needed surgical instruments to use on the tiniest of patients. >> we are a nonprofit. we have the luxury of being able to one seven at any rate on things that are important, not necessarily problems that have a big financial return. >> the doctor says surgeons often improvise when working on infants. they will modify tools designed for adults. take for instance a condition called this, it's a rare and severe problem where the tube is
9:45 am
abnormally attached to the airwaves. >> when you big incision on the chest wall like that, it can call with chest wall deformity later in life and with the growth of the child such as scoliosis. >> they are wreog on a product that will allow them to do surgery through the mouth. ryan goldberg could be a candidate for use of the product. he still faces challenges associated with w scar tissue from the original surgery as a premature baby. >> he still has some issue with regard to eating. >> pablo garcia is working on scaling down the design. this is not only the product in the pipeline. they were on the cutting edge of robotic surgery and they are going to explore the largely uncharted territory of pediatric
9:46 am
devices. >> it's a careful design and requires optimum new approaches. ultimately it's about making a product that is effective. >> the federal government has pledged one million dollars to help them make commercially sfisht tools. >> and there would be so people that would like to see certain diseases addressed with devices and would be interested in helping get those devices marketed, as well. >> it could change the future of pediatric care and the lives of young patients. >> don't go away. 7 on your side is next. should you buy next year's car should you buy next year's car model, or would you
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themselves at a local sports bar. chúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiúiú%
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9:54 am
college football tipped off last week but one game was watched with more interest than most. boise-virginia tech game gave a glimpse in the future. david louie went to a sports bar where the game was televised in 3-d. >> they are not the most stylish glasses but its status symbol. they got 3-d tv set. >> the perspective is so great. it's like you can reach out and touch somebody. >> that is what we saw one customer trying to do. best buy says four companies are making them. the screens range from 42 to 55
9:55 am
inches and a 3-d set and dvd player and surround system can run from $2,000 to $6,000. >> the content is blend but awesome thing with all the 3-d tv you can see the 2-d action so blu-ray movies can be viewed on 3-d tv. >> special glasses also add to the cost. they run from up to $150. you have to buy additional ones for family and guest. 3-d tvs make up 1.4% of sales right now but they are expected to reach 40% in four years. some say they will postpone taking a plunge. >> we just saw the beginning of it. we're here to come out every six months like a cell phone with upgrades. >> you might want to hold off for a little?
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>> you're right. >> for example, one brand of glasses may not work properly with different brands. then there are people like ramon. >> i would love to have this at home. >> he sat down to watch it at best buy? >> it's so clear, right there, shot in the living room. everything stands out. it's real vif zblid next week the industry will be having a national 3-d tv promotion. many stores will participate to give you an opportunity to experience 3-d yourself. as this newscast winds down we want to make sure you know we will continue to bring you the very latest on the san bruno fire disaster. if you would like to help, we have some numbers. this is the local red cross, 1-888-3443-35722. we have a link on our website.
9:57 am
salvation army is accepting contributions, 1 1-800-725-2769. they have several drop-off sites, as well. you can find them on our website at look under see it on tv. certainly the bay area has been responding. let's get a final check of the accu-weather forecast. >> end of the weekend, here are the temperatures. 70s and 80s around the bay. 67 in san francisco. a bit cooler this week. traditional fog and low cloud cover throughout the week. >> thank you. our next newscast is at 5:00. bye-bye. rid of the mansion and the limo
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budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again.
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